Reclaim your time, set boundaries and master processes and systems so you can create a life of freedom and flexibility within the wedding industry

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Our Facebook community of over 3k wedding pros from all over the world brings unique perspective, insight and support to our industry. My heart for the WBB community is for a safe place where people can ask questions without judgement, and get tangible advice and resources for their business.

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WBB is an inclusive community of amazing pros. Wedding Business Bosses will bring you education focused on the processes and systems essential to running your wedding business well so you can live your life well too.

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"The CEO journal helps me remember each week that I have made progress in my business even when it may not seem that way. "

- alliedanae walker,
Katherine Marie Weddings

Wedding Business Bosses was founded in 2015 after seeing a need for true community and real education in the wedding industry. There was too much fluff, and not enough real tactical strategies, systems, or practices being shared. Joining and sharing together was the only way to move the industry forward.

After all, we're better together.

Wedding Business Bosses provides education focused on the processes and systems essential to running your wedding business well so that you can live your life well too. We dig deep to get to the core of what you need through focused business development and help you implement sustainable new strategies. 

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systems portal of wedding ceo's

You have your craft down, but it is all the other stuff that is running through your head & you are trying to keep up with. The systems portal gives you templates for your client management, operations, marketing, accounting & human resources areas of your business to run efficiently, smoothly, and allowing you to make time to be the CEO you are!

You know your systems need help, but you aren’t quite sure where to start? This workbook, which will take about 1 hour to complete, asks you all the questions I personally ask when starting with new 1:1 clients to evaluate where they are and what is top priority to work on.