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3 Marketing Processes Your Business Needs

If you have grabbed our Business Systems Checklist, you already know how much I LOVE systems. Systems and processes are the ways things run more efficiently, with ease, and allow you more time for the things that only you as the Wedding CEO of your biz can do.  

I wanted to give some additional tips to each section of the checklist so you are maximizing your time & energy. Today we are going to start with Marketing.

The only way any kind of content writing, or marketing gets done in my business is because I schedule it, & there is a process in place to support me. Without that schedule writing time, it would never happen.

My first tip is to schedule quarterly content planning. This should be when you are planning your goals for the quarter & framework for your content. Make it a recurring appointment at the end of each quarter, leading into the new.

My second tip is to schedule writing out your content calendar once a month. Writing a whole quarter at once can feel like a lot and depending on how much content you produce could be alot. I like to do mine once a month. It feels tangible, and doable to me. If I come up with ideas throughout the month, I just keep a note in my phone of a running list.

Last tip for executing your content calendar & writing is to pull all your images and actually schedule the content so you can set it and forget it. Now you may need to actually physically push a post, or schedule some pins once a post is live but mostly you can set it and forget it. Don’t forget about interacting on your various platforms as well as instastories. So I don’t forget to story, I will make note on my calendar if I am going somewhere or doing something that day I want to share so I don’t forget. It is also ok to be in the moment, and share your genuine self!

In our next post, we are breaking down Human Resources and why you need HR systems in place even if it is just you!