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Adjusting our processes in crisis

I know the last month or so has been strange to say the least. All of the sudden we were thrown into crisis management for our clients, and then for our own businesses. I don’t know about you but it was eye opening to the holes & places of vulnerability in my businesses. So how do we begin to adjust?

For me the first step was to examine our contract. Where were the vulnerabilities in that document? I thought there weren’t any but upon examining it there needed to be some updates and clarification pieces. 

The next was to review our payment schedule. All of our contracts are divided into three payments to assist with cash flow. Reviewing our cash flow schedule gave myself some reassurance that we had the cash flow to maintain our expenses. If this is not something you do regularly, add cash flow review as a task you do twice a month. It is eye opening to know what to expect coming in and what to expect going out. 

I then wanted to review our actual services. Where and how could we tighten up on what we were offering? How could we get creative in offering virtual planning to people who needed help in moving their events that weren’t our clients? How would we conduct our typical in person meetings now? These are all worth examining and figuring out how to be creative in what service/product you offer. This is the time to offer valuable information on social media & your blog, as that is the content you own, to build that like, know and trust factor! Can you get creative on how to offer what you do virtually? Maybe it is a paid hair/makeup class virtually to help brides decide on their bridal style, or skincare leading up to the big day, how about a floral class to teach people how to make an arrangement at their home(I don’t know about you but that little bit of happy would be great right now), are you a caterer or cake artist? How about family style meals or desserts for pick up! I am over cooking and would fully take advantage of that! Photographers–how about a class for mommas on how to take great iphone photos while in quarantine? DJs, Musicians live stream a set for us to all enjoy while home. This is the time to be creative, innovative and forward thinking. 

Has this time allowed you to think more about your internal business processes and business planning? If so, I think that is great! This is where we should spend more time as the CEOs & visionaries of our companies but it can be hard when you’re bogged down in work, or in this quarantine case in a traumatic situation. If planning & vision casting feels hard right now, give yourself some grace. When I am feeling this way(which happens frequently by the way), I try to find something that will inspire me which is typically a book. I know that it will spark thoughts, and ideas to bring me to that place of visionary work for my company. 

I’d love to hear from you how you have adjusted your processes in this time of crisis. If you need to assess where your systems are to even know what to do first, grab my systems assessment workbook to help get you started.