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Ashley Stork is the host of The Wedding Business Bosses community where our mission is to support wedding pros through education, encouragement, and inspiration focused on the systems & processes needed to grow, scale & elevate your business and personal life!

Worker Bee to CEO

Often when we are a one-woman show or one-man show, we are doing ALL THE THINGS. All of em. And that can be tiring. We are taking out the trash, doing the accounting, managing the clients, mopping the floors, and more. I truly believe for your company to have longevity, and for your energy to […]

CEO Mindset

Sustainability in Your Wedding Industry Business

  Sustainability in entrepreneurship specifically the wedding industry isn’t discussed much. We are on average working 49 hrs a week (reference The Knot). We are entrenched in the most stressful/joyful event of a person’s life at that point. Relationships are adjusting, families are adjusting, lives are typically changing (jobs, moving, etc.) and then you put […]

Wedding Business Tips

System + Strategy = Profits

For some (ok let’s be real, for most), systems & processes tend to be that “oh yeah I will work on that when I have time” thing. Well friends, in quarantine you have the time. Honestly, it should be the thing we are always willing to make time for. Why might you ask? When you […]

Wedding Business Tips

Process and Systems

    What is a process & a system? I get this question often. How do I know if I need a process or a system? What does that even include? A system is defined as a set of things working together as parts of mechanism or an interconnecting network OR a set of principles […]

CEO Mindset, Wedding Business Tips

Investing in yourself during quarantine

Well here we are day 40303827 in quarantine, right? I have found this time to be a mixed bag of emotions. There are days I feel on it, ready to tackle the world, get #allthethings done, and well others I am a sloth of epic proportions. Are you the same way? I am trying to […]

Wedding Business Tips

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