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What if my clients want to postpone?

Your clients will be required to postpone based on local and federal laws as well as some will postpone in anticipation of bans extending. 

I feel our job is to show compassion, help them navigate this as best as possible, and support our vendor community. 

If you are not a planner, best help them in navigating coordinating their entire vendor team to find a new date. Help your fellow vendors. The comradery we are going to feel on these weddings when they happen is going to be strong! 


What if my clients want to cancel?

You will need to refer to your contract for your cancellation policy. As best you can, try to encourage your clients to postpone their event to a later date. You may need to help them get creative with maybe doing a small, family only ceremony now, and their reception later. Help them find a solution that benefits everyone in the long run. 

If they want to straight cancel and not continue their contract, you will need to refer to your cancellation policy. 


What does my insurance cover any losses?

You will need to have income loss coverage in order to be able to have any assistance from your insurance company. Contact your local agent to get your specifics on your policy. 

What does my clients event insurance cover?

It covers alot, but more than likely does not cover losses due to a pandemic. The couple will need to contact their insurance agent who their policy is through. 

Do I add fees to my services because now the contract length and work has increased?

The Engaged Legal Collective created this and I think it is an amazing answer to this question. The short answer is you need to refer to your contracts policies. 

I am overwhelmed. Where do I even start?

  1. Triage. Start with your soonest clients. Get them taken care of and move on to the next one.
  2. If you are not a planner, please connect with the planner on your events. If your event does not have a planner and you know who the vendors are, try to connect with them before 8-10 people bombard the bride with 8-10 emails of “so are you cancelling?”. This is just as stressful for them. 
  3. Update your contracts, cash flow tracking and invoices with your new event dates so nothing falls through the cracks. 
  4. Decide what is going to make you feel good. Do you need some rest because its been one hell of a week? Then rest. Does being busy help you? Pick a project. I am pushing my project list off a few days. It feels too much right now. Take care of my clients, my team and myself is about what I can handle. 

I also wanted to include some resources from some of our industry leaders. 

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Business Resources:


She Creates Business COVID 19 Business Resource Guide:

Email templates for communications related to COVID-19