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Everything You Need to Know About Joining a Mastermind

In this week’s Weddings Unscripted episode, we’re talking about everything you need to know about joining a mastermind. With the help of our very special guest, Nevica Vazquez (who also happens to be Ginny’s strategist), we’re going to give you all the goods about joining, participating and even launching a Mastermind.

We’ve briefly discussed masterminds on Episode 10 and Episode 11 (and maybe even for a second in Episode 9) but today is deep dive day! We’re helping you define just what a mastermind is, and then we’re talking about the value it brings to our business, as well as our personal experience with masterminds.

Owning a business can feel really isolating. Many times you find yourself thinking you’re on an island alone.  But you aren’t! This is one of the many reasons a Mastermind may be for you!

This week we’re discussing:

  • The difference between a free and paid mastermind
  • The pros and cons of a professionally lead mastermind vs a peer to peer mastermind
  • The necessity for the right people
  • How important having a sounding board + accountability buddy in your business is

We’re also answering:

  • How much time should you invest in a mastermind?
  • Should you join a mastermind, or start your own?

The first step in business (and mastermind) success is showing up. Then it’s putting in the work! In case you needed a little encouragement, this is it. Cue your sign now!

We’re thrilled Nevica was willing to provide her expertise for this week’s episode!

Head on over to Nevica’s website to learn more about her or go straight to her Mastermind Checklist here!

If online stalking is more your speed, check out Nevica on Instagram here and Facebook here!