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How To Gain Clients through Relationships & Marketing

How do I get more clients? The forever question, right? I have seen a lot of people asking this in various groups lately. Maybe you are just starting your journey and need your first couple of clients, maybe you are looking to grow & scale your business, or perhaps you are a veteran in your industry but have noticed a slow down in business. We will always be asking ourselves this no matter where we are in our journey of wedding business entrepreneurship. For most of us, our clients are one time purchasers. They may do a family or anniversary session down the road, come to us to help plan another event in their life, or maybe for a beauty appointment for a big event they are attending but probably our main service they won’t need again. It is really unique to our industry that our customer is always changing, we are getting older but our ideal client stays the same age, and they will more than likely be one time purchasers. So how do you overcome that or make a plan of action to increase your sales?

Relationships + Marketing

In my market, and I imagine many of yours, relationships are a huge part of our referral source. We refer to people who:

  1. Deliver on the job that they promised & contractually agreed to — this may sound like a no brainer but there are many people out there who don’t do this. We refer other creative partners that deliver but not only deliver go above and beyond for the client as well as the creative team as a whole. 
  2. Make working together seamless and easy. Our goal as a planner is to not make more work for the client but we are also managing 10-12 vendors per client and we average about 25 clients a year. That’s 300 vendors over the year(of course we work with the same people but you get where I am going). If your system to work together is clunky & hard to communicate through or find the important information, that can be a hinderance.
  3. Creatively work well together to match the client’s vision. Some of our clients have a very specific vision & some do not. It is our job to help nail down what the client is dreaming of and how to make it happen. So we look for vendor partners that can help bring those visions to life. This might mean she is looking for a film photographer or likes a dark & moody editing style. Maybe the client prefers a more organic and loose style vs. a more controlled, and traditional look.

So as you are thinking about how do I get more clients here are some suggestions to build your relationships + strategy in marketing:

  1. In your relationships in your community, are you offering to genuinely help & serve others how you can? Are you building relationships with people that share a similar work ethic, style and vision as you? 
  2. If you are a veteran wedding pro, are you actively cultivating those relationships or are you just assuming you will be remembered? How can you stay top of mind? 
  3. In your marketing are you positioning yourself as an expert? Don’t feel like an expert because you haven’t been doing this for all of time? That is ok! You have done it more than someone else, so you already know more than them. What are the things you feel confident about to educate others on? A great way to do this is through video(facebook live or youtube), Instastories and/or blogs. Remember even if you have talked about similar topics before you have new people constantly looking and they might not find your blog from 4 years ago on invitation etiquette. I have to remind myself of this too. 
  4. If you are new to the industry, GET EXPERIENCE. Go, intern, assist someone, do the hard stuff. You need experience under your belt to see what you would do similarly and what you would do the same. Wedding days are never alike and different situations arise all the time so getting experience will make you better prepared for what’s to come.

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