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How to Use FB Groups to Grow Your Business

Ever wondered how you can use Facebook groups to your advantage for your wedding business? Then this episode is perfect for you! We’re sharing our tips for making the most of these awesome Facebook communities.

FB groups are a great opportunity for not just sales, but connections, collaborations and brainstorming. The key to effectively using a group may surprise you! So tune in to hear our biggest tip, as well as:

  • How to determine which groups to join (hint, they shouldn’t all be the same!)
  • People don’t know what you know- we’re chiming in on how to effectively share your knowledge in a group.
  • Are you a FB group spammer? We’ve got the questions to ask yourself.
  • How to get the most out of a group as a member
  • Are you asking yourself if it’s time to have your own FB group? We’ll give you a tip or two on how to be an effective FB group facilitator too!

A key takeaway- don’t just join #allthegroups! We want you to SHOW UP as an active member or facilitator!

Hope to see you next time!