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Investing in yourself during quarantine

Well here we are day 40303827 in quarantine, right? I have found this time to be a mixed bag of emotions. There are days I feel on it, ready to tackle the world, get #allthethings done, and well others I am a sloth of epic proportions. Are you the same way? I am trying to extend myself alot of grace in this season of unknowing and strangeness. 

What I have found valuable is investing in myself. I don’t mean buy 100 courses and then have action paralysis. I mean what can you do each day that is time spent investing in yourself? I have been reading like crazy & honestly not leadership dev/self-help work type books. I have been reading fiction again! I love stories and have just really enjoyed the break from as much tv(if you know me well then you know I love some good trash tv but the noise of tv has even been hard for me). 

I discovered Skillshare! Have yall heard of this? It is great! I took a creative writing course that I LOVED. It has sparked my desire for writing and developing that skill. My dream is to write a book in my lifetime. I have a list of several I want to write. I feel like after I become a mother the right story I am supposed to share will come out. That may sound strange but it is what I feel. In the meantime, I am practicing my writing. Not just writing for work/content, writing for me. Really helps my creativity in work. I am going to take a class on speaking at events, a photography class and another writing class. *If you join with my link, you will get a free month, and so will I but truly sharing because I love it.*

I have also joined Masterclass! Similar to Skillshare, but Masterclass is video course series taught by mostly famous people. The ones I am looking forward to: Rupaul because it’s Ru, Bob Iger, Sara Blakely, Misty Copeland, Massimo Bottura(watch his episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix), and seriously like 20+ more. Learning from these masters of their craft is incredibly inspiring to me. 

I have committed to a work project once a week. Something I have been putting off, but need to work on. This has made me feel like I am making forward progress on the goals I have, and where I want to go. I want to be ready for when the world resumes. 

So how are you investing in yourself in this time? 

PS. If you need to take a nap and you feel worn out, that is investing in yourself. And that is ok. Give yourself the permission to be ok with that.