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Is the Wedding Industry Dying?

Is the Wedding Industry dying? We keep hearing from our wedding pro friends that sales are down, less couples are having large weddings, and it’s getting harder and harder to find clients. Is this really the case?


For this episode of Weddings Unscripted, we’re taking a deeper dive into what some perceive to be a dying industry! Although we’ll give you a spoiler- it’s not– things are changing.    We’re talking about the ever-evolving and shifting state of weddings & marriage. If you’ve been around awhile, you already know that weddings in 2010 were miles away from the weddings of today. So, what’s changed (another spoiled, the answer isn’t just Pinterest, but it did contribute)!?

Carve out the next 15 minutes to watch this week and hear us also chat about

  • Shifts in buying behaviors
  • Couple expectations & experience
  • Instagram Brides (and a tip you need to know)

And get ready to be real with yourself about

  • Having fun with a hobby vs running a business
  • Filling the gaps with the right things
  • Is your experience enough?

Don’t go at your business alone! Let us, and our community of amazing fellow wedding professionals help you navigate all of the changes. Together we’re better!