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Juggling a full time job and wedding business

For our Wedding Business Bosses that don’t WANT to go fulltime with your wedding business, but have a passion for it anyway… This week’s Weddings Unscripted episode is for you!

We’re almost certain that you’ve felt the pressure to turn your side hustle into a day job- be it self-imposed or from outside sources. But maybe you just don’t feel like that’s for you. Or maybe it’s just not a feasible option. Whatever the reason, we’re here to tell you- it’s OKAY (as long as you’re still professional)!

We’re welcoming Kari Roberts, Atlanta based makeup artist, this week to discuss how she juggles having a full time gig and a successful side hustle.

We’re honored that Kari sat with us for this week’s Weddings Unscripted. She shared with us the reasons for keeping her passion a side-hustle (and we admit, we totally get the appeal). As a multi-passionate person, she shares with us why this option relieved her pressure and stress and how she’s able to manage it all.

Hear her talk about:

  • Her Type A planning/ Birdseye view
  • Setting clear-cut priorities & a schedule
  • Block scheduling for 2-3 hours every other week
  • Owning your choice and making it a positive mindset shift
  • Setting clear intentions
  • How to get buy-in from your family or spouse, making your monetary and time investments worth it!

And she’s also sharing her WBB Testimonial!

Find Kari on Instagram, pop on over to her site and check her out on YouTube too!