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Our Own Journeys with Business Coaching

Full disclosure- we’re on team business coach! Our personal journey with business coaching has changed our mindset tremendously and we’re so grateful for the experience. Sometimes you need someone else to kick you in the pants. That’s what a business coach is for and we’ve both seen benefit from working with a coach.  The outside perspective they offer is more valuable than we, personally, could have ever expected. Allowing another person to look at your business objectively will provide SO MUCH clarity! However, if you aren’t so keen on someone cracking the whip, well, maybe coaching isn’t right for you!


In this week’s episode, in addition to sharing our personal experiences, we’re breaking down:

  • Certified Coach vs.  Strategist
  • Group Coaching vs. One on One Coaching
  • Roadmap vs. Dream Map
  • Are you making excuses or are your taking action

We owe our friendship & business partnership to taking the leap to invest in a coaching program, so we’re obviously believers. But we also advocate finding the right fit.

Coaching is an investment (check out Episode 9 and Episode 10 if you want to dive deeper into taking risk + making investments in your business), no doubt about it. But, growth & change doesn’t come without a constant focus on planning & executing. Sometimes we can’t do that alone.