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Setting Hard + Healthy Boundaries in your Wedding Business

This week’s Weddings Unscripted episode is super important to us. It’s also a major process that so many business owners don’t implement or fail to properly enforce.  We’re talking all about setting hard and healthy boundaries in your wedding business.

This week’s takeaways include:

  • Why it’s more important than ever to identify your ideal client
  • Your role in a business relationship (pssst, you aren’t the hired help and shouldn’t be treated as such)
  • Are you overworking & underperforming?
  • Bad habits don’t die easy  – set yourself up for success on day one!
  • Be realistic about what works for you to do your best work. Then build systems and process around that.
  • How setting boundaries actually makes you look BETTER to your clients!

If you take nothing else away from this episode, let it be: It’s up to you to command the relationship’s boundaries. Setting boundaries does not mean that you are not available to your clients! It means that you are setting the terms that help you do your job best!