Are your client facing systems rocking but need help on the back end of your business? Are you struggling to find the time to actually work on your business rather than constantly in your business? I created the WBB Systems Portal just for this. These are the templates, and documents I use within my own business each and every day. 

The WBB Systems Templates includes the following: 

- A comprehensive business hub in google drive that is customizable
- The templates bundle will serve as your "business bible"
- The bundle is divided into 6 categories: Your Business Guidebook, Client Management, Business Operations, Marketing, Accounting, & Human Resources. 
- You will receive 24+ templates to help you create systems & processes in these areas of your business. 
- There are 6 videos as well as instructions to help guide you along in the process of building these backend systems. 
- Facebook community for portal users to ask questions as you work through the material as well! 
- Accountability, coaching & Q&A all available through our Facebook Group to help you work through the material

ceo systems portal


Our Facebook community of over 3k wedding pros from all over the world brings unique perspective, insight and support to our industry. My heart for the WBB community is for a safe place where people can ask questions without judgement, and get tangible advice and resources for their business.

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