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Should You Ever Fire A Client

This week’s HOT topic, which might be considered a touch taboo, is “should you ever fire a client.” We’d be lying if we said he hadn’t been here in our business. So many of us in the wedding industry have a servants heart and struggle with this predicament.   Some of us have trudged through it, while others have pulled the trigger.  Did you dread it? Did it set you free? Are there other options? Did you do wonder if you did the right thing? SO many feelings. So much confusion.

So, For this week’s episode, we’re getting into some nitty-gritty. And we aren’t alone! We’ve brought in a guest- one of our favorite people ever, Ashley Stork with Magnolia Vine Events in Birmingham, AL.

You’re going to hear us dish about our “should I fire this client?” situations and how we’ve handled them.  We’re also discussing:

  • Why education is such an important component of the client intake process- and ultimately something that will help save you from this situation in the first place
  • The benefit of tough conversations with tough clients
  • The lessons our tough clients teach us
  • Self-reflection & proactive behaviors
  • Why TEACHING (psss, this goes toward point one) people how you want to be treated falls on you. We’ll even give you some insight into a program that will help!
  • And ultimately knowing when to fire a client

This episode is one of our favorites to date. We hope it’s as helpful to you as it is to us!

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Lastly, we want to give you a little nugget of encouragement while you’re HERE.  It is OK to be a profitable & sustainable business! Sometimes you just have to do what is best for you and your business, even when it feels a little icky!