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Should You Offer Discounts For Referrals?

We’ve all been asked the question we usually dread most. “Hey, can I get a discount on that?”. Nothing makes us cringe more. But should the response be yes? Or heck no?!  In this week’s Weddings Unscripted episode, we’re talking about how to handle the gut-wrenching discount predicament.

As a small business owner, your bottom line matters. We also know that your relationships, reputation, and general well-being does too! Offering discounts to be detrimental to all of these, but is there ever an instance where saying “sure” benefits you?  Watch the latest video to hear our insight on:

  • Why it’s OK to stand firm.
  • What you can do to make “no” feel better
  • Using the “Client Experience” to your advantage
  • Turning this question into a selling opportunity

We’d love to hear YOUR take on discounts. Watch the video and leave us a comment!