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Ashley Stork is the host of The Wedding Business Bosses community where our mission is to support wedding pros through education, encouragement, and inspiration focused on the systems & processes needed to grow, scale & elevate your business and personal life!

System + Strategy = Profits

For some (ok let’s be real, for most), systems & processes tend to be that “oh yeah I will work on that when I have time” thing. Well friends, in quarantine you have the time. Honestly, it should be the thing we are always willing to make time for. Why might you ask? When you have systems + strategy for your business that turns into profits. Most people who have systems & processes don’t just set them up willy nilly. They are set up to help increase the overall strategy that the business owner is after which could be a more flexible schedule, serve more people, reduce time on specific tasks, hiring & outsourcing, and/or business growth. 

Systems & Processes have allowed myself to do all of those things. To do them takes time, dedication to completing, actually sticking to the system, and then repping the benefits. What are the benefits you ask? To me, when you have a business strategy supported by systems in your business it is profits. If it is taking less time to complete tasks, you are more efficient with your time & energy, able to serve more people if you desire because you have the capacity then that is ALL profits growth. 

How do you even begin? Here are my 3 steps for setting a strategy & systems in your business. 

  1. Strategy: What are your goals? What are your desires? What are the steps/changes/things to do to get there? You don’t have to have it totally figured out but let’s say you currently have 12 events a year but your desire is to do 25–what would it take for you to do 25? 
  2. System: Start identifying the things that are preventing you from executing this strategy or reaching your goal. Is it time? Is it the length of time certain tasks take? Is it your schedule? Could it be a lack of an efficient CRM system? Do you need help in other areas of your business to allow you to focus on growth related activities? Identify what that block is and focus on building a system around solving the issue. 
  3. Profits: keep track of how long tasks are taking you for 2 weeks. Don’t change your schedule, just keep track of the length of time various activities in your business takes. Now for 2 weeks after you have implemented your new system track that amount of time. It should decrease, thus increasing your profits. If it isn’t, then reassess how you can adjust. Systems are never a static thing–they are ever changing.