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Taking Risks in Business

You’ve likely found yourself paralyzed by fear at least once in your business. Asking yourself if you should stay comfortable or take a big risk. Will you fail? Or will you fly? This week we’re talking about taking risks in your business. How to get over your fears and push yourself into serious growth and success. And we’re thrilled to have CeCe Todd with CeCe Designs, floral design extraordinaire & WBB ambassador,  joining us for the conversation!

Now let’s be clear on something. We recognize that deep down, you’re a risk taker. Even if you don’t see it!  Starting your business was a risk in and of itself. You faced whatever fears associated with that and went for a dream! Big high fives and hugs to you for that!

But in this episode, you’re going to hear us talk about how to dig deeper. To do more. To get comfortable with the uncomfortable in your business.

And the first question we have for you is: Are you running as a side hustle or are you serious?  We also discuss:

  • Put your money where your mouth is
  • Your presentation = your prospect
  • Having COURAGE
  • Leap. Jump. Hustle.
  • Why you HAVE to invest in your business
  • Success & failure is YOURS
  • The age-old adage – MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • How to let go of the emotions

So what are you waiting for? Are you bringing fear on yourself? You don’t have to be great at everything. Just go DO. And be better each day in the process.  You are in control of your own destiny.

Take a few minutes after this episode to write down some of your fears associated with your business. And let’s discuss how to move past them. Pop into the WBB group and share them with us.

Also be sure to keep up with the ever-entertaining Cece on her website, Instagram and Facebook too!

And if an online-only relationships aren’t your thing, you can catch CeCe this spring at the Inspired Design Workshop and the Get Swanky Experience!

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