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Tough Lessons in Business

Regardless of the stage of business ownership you’re in, you’ve likely learned a tough lesson here or there. Some of us can go weeks, months or even years without one (what a relief that is!). But other days, we’re blindsided by the impact that these lessons have on our business. This week we’re talking about the tough lessons we’ve personally learned in our entrepreneurship¬†journey!

It is impossible to NOT have a tough lesson or two as a business owner. But what we do with these lessons is the pivot point for business success or failure. The things we learn in our day to day operations can be great launch points for business betterment. They can also cripple us.¬† We’re getting candid about some our snafus along the way. And we’re betting that you’ve had at least a few of these yourself, because, you know, we’re all human (this crazy entrepreneurship ride is often compared to a rollercoaster for a reason).

  • Lessons on Lack of Planning & Systems
  • The Battle We Fight with Overwhelm
  • Doing #Allthethings
  • Never Saying NO
  • Battling Burnout
  • How Fear Holds You back
  • Bad Hiring Decisions
  • Trust building
  • Wasting Time
  • Workflow What?
  • Ideal Clients

Do any of these resonate with you? Click on the video link below to hear more and then drop us a comment to tell us what your toughest lesson to date has been (and then please empathize with us by sharing which one of our lessons you’ve experienced as well).