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Ashley Stork is the host of The Wedding Business Bosses community where our mission is to support wedding pros through education, encouragement, and inspiration focused on the systems & processes needed to grow, scale & elevate your business and personal life!


It is happening: WBB LIVE! This is a long time dream of mine and I can’t believe it is actually happening. Wedding Business Bosses Live is an in person workshop event happening January 19-22nd, 2020 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Who is it for: People who have been in business, 1+ years, have consistent business but are experience overwhelm as they are wearing all the hats, doing all the things, managing the clients as well as trying to grow their business, possibly begin & lead a team & are trying to create balance & margin within their business and life.

We will be learning how to step out of the worker bee, do all the things role and truly into CEO status.

We have lined up some amazing speakers–which details will drop on September 3rd about–who are not only ready to share their wisdom with you, but will be helping us lead mini mastermind sessions, as well as helping you make a plan to implement the thoughts, ideas & feedback you will receive at the event. We are not gathering things in a notebook and then never doing anything with it. This is not that kind of party people. We are going to learn, and then do the work it takes to get to your vision for your life & business.

Surprise & delight will happen along the way but here are some things to look forward to:
A welcome party

Dinners at some of Ashley’s favorite local places

Panel Discussions

Presentations from amazing speakers who are ready to take you on a journey to becoming your best self as a person & business owner

A dose of pretty for your instagram

Swag & happy prizes along the way

More details to come on Tuesday September 3rd when Early Bird Tickets go on sale–be sure you are on our email list to be the first to know about it next week!