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WBB Live recap

We hosted our first Virtual Workshop this week! HOLY MOLY! I am truly blown away. Our virtual workshop became the new version of WBB Live after we had to change the concept. You can read more about that here. Teaching is one of my greatest joys in life(hello, human dev & family studies bachelor’s & former teacher/after school program director). But truly, creating an experience is where my zone of genius lies. Bringing people together, connecting, sharing and teaching—ALL THE THINGS!

Our speakers were truly incredible. They gave 110% to all of our attendees, and delivered fantastic content. All of our feedback has been really positive on what people took away from the speakers like dedicating time to themselves and their business, true content planning, goal setting with action, and more. A big thank you to Amber Anderson, Ashley Miller, Greg Todd, Kari Roberts, CeCe Todd, Kinsey Roberts, Katelyn Stanis, Kristin Kaplan, Ginny Krauss, & Renee Dalo for their time, effort & involvement in our workshop. You can learn more about each of these educators by clicking on their name.

I learned A LOT from hosting our first online event like this. I learned to give myself 2 extra weeks then I think I need. I learned that technology does not have to be scary. I also learned that y’all want to learn this way which is hugely encouraging.