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What we Learned for Launching the Resource Library

Ever experienced failure to launch? Or failure at launch?  Or on a much better note, a smashingly successful launch? Any of us who have had something new in our business to share has likely had varying degrees of both. Which is exactly what we’re talking about in this week’s Weddings Unscripted!

This is a short and sweet episode with some great nuggets of wisdom. Including:

  • Things we forgot? Quick answer-  how much TIME it takes to get what is in our brains onto paper! Whew,  this library was a doozy. It was completely worth it, but my gracious, SO many lessons!
  • Why you need to test, test and test some more
  • The importance of adding a buffer to your schedule
  • How laying a solid foundation for pre-launch makes a huge difference

From tech issues to content creation, launching a new product or service takes a lot of work. Most likely, it’s going to be worth it. But without the proper planning (and seed planting), it could be a disaster.  We’d love to encourage you along for your launch. Share with us how we can support and champion you in this exciting endeavor!