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Why you need HR processes even if you are a soloprenur

If you have grabbed our Business Systems Checklist, you already know how much I LOVE systems. Systems and processes are the ways things run more efficiently, with ease, and allow you more time for the things that only you as the Wedding CEO of your biz can do.  

I wanted to give some additional tips to each section of the checklist so you are maximizing your time & energy. This week we are tackling Human Resources and why you need HR systems in place even if it is just you!

Even if it is just you currently, when you get to the place of being able to relinquish some of your tasks to an employee or contractor it is important your processes are in place so that transition is easy. It is 10x more work to offload tasks if you don’t have those processes documented. It is even more work if you don’t update them as things change. I highly suggest scheduling this quarterly to ensure your project management system is up to date.

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to look for contact information for employees & contractors and had a hard time finding what I was looking for mostly because it was not organized. Creating a hard copy file for each employee/contractor as well as a digital version has helped me ensure I can find addresses, W4s or whatever else I may need. The other key is updating this information frequently as well.

Do you have a policies & procedures manual? If you don’t have your first employee or contractor than probably not which is ok. However, when so much lives in our brains it is hard to communicate expectations. You know how you behave at an event, or communicating with a client but someone who has never done what you do or hasn’t worked with you before won’t know that. Dress, etiquette, how to handle specific types of situations like drunk guests, power outages, emergency weather plan, emergency health issues, natural disasters, etc.


Another exercise that I think is really helpful is to write out your ideal team structure. What are the things you wish to hire out, that you do not want to do or need to be the person to do, & what support staff you would like. Start thinking through job descriptions & roles for these people. When you are ready to make your hire, it will make it easier to decide what is more important to hire for & truly what your needs are. I have this as a little chart in a notebook & update it frequently.

In our next post, we are going to deep dive on finance systems!