WBB offers a variety of ways we can work together to coach you through developing your systems, processes, and stepping into your CEO self. 

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I am going to guess the answer to that is yes. As business owners, ontop of all the other roles we fill in our personal lives there is much juggling to be done. If you are looking for a more customized experience into helping you get your systems and processes together for your business, then 1:1 coaching might be for you!

1:1 Systems consulting

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"Working with Wedding Business Bosses made me realize that working ON my business is just as important as working IN my business - that this is where the real growth happens."

-Noleen Sliney
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Our virtual workshops happen twice a year. We focus on your CEO mentality, business planning, and support. Our next one is September 2020! We will be discussing your end of 2020 plans, the 5 roles you are serving in your business & more.

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I love teaching from the stage, big or small, or on a podcast. Teaching is actually my education background & my first jobs after college were in education. I have a passion for helping others and doing that through speaking is my favorite! I speak on the following topics:


live speaking engagements

Creating systems for your business and why you need them

Having a sales method & process for your business for a higher sales conversion

Setting up your business for financial success

want to d-i-y it?

After working with our 1:1 clients, I realized that the documents I was custom creating for them as well as for myself could be made into templates to help more people! The systems portal contains over 25 templates to help you get your marketing, accounting, operations, training new employees and more all in order. The portal includes videos, a facebook community for support as well as our 4-weeks systems bootcamp to hold you accountable to getting those systems in tip top shape!