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Worker Bee to CEO

Often when we are a one-woman show or one-man show, we are doing ALL THE THINGS. All of em. And that can be tiring. We are taking out the trash, doing the accounting, managing the clients, mopping the floors, and more. I truly believe for your company to have longevity, and for your energy to not deplete you have to move from the worker bee to CEO role. Now, this doesn’t mean hire a million people and do nothing. I do think to make this change there are some things to focus on. 

  1. Hiring for the right roles, for the right people at the right time. Ever heard the phrase right person, wrong seat? You want to make sure when you start outsourcing you are hiring people for not only the right role but you are hiring the right person for that role. That can start with being really clear on what you do and do not need help with, what your expectations are of that new team member, and what your company values. Really taking the time to determine what the role of that person will be is important. 
  2. One outsource activity I love doing is writing down EVERYTHING you do in the business. From booking to taking out the trash at your office–seriously everything. Next, mark what is essential to the business running and makes you money, what do you HAVE to be the person to do, and what do you love. This is eye-opening. If they are all 3, keep it on your plate. If it is something you don’t have to do, outsource it now. If you love it, determine whether you can or need to keep it on your plate. For example, I love to write. It is my passion. I keep that on my plate but move other things off to my assistant that I love or don’t need to do but isn’t my top love like writing. This way I have the space to create content for both businesses. 
  3. Mindset. It is really cheesy but your mindset is everything. When you view yourself as not only owner, but CEO, visionary, & leader of your company I promise you your actions and behavior in your company will change. Most of my time is spent on growing both companies, leading our team, and creating content. Those are my 3 biggest priorities at the CEO of my businesses. 

I’d love to hear how you are moving from worker bee to CEO in your business!